concretize your dreams thanks to mami wata Water Queen

concretize your dreams thanks to mami wata Water Queen - Cameroun
concretize your dreams thanks to mami wata Water Queen - Cameroun
  • concretize your dreams thanks to mami wata Water Queen - Cameroun
  • concretize your dreams thanks to mami wata Water Queen - Cameroun
Description :

My name is Hugo master I mami wata specialist I was introduced by my grandfather after my high school a few years later I joined ORDER OF THE CROSS ROSE (AMORC) to soak up wisdom and to be spiritually high, when I was 5 reaches the level in the cross rose a friend who was a member at MARTINISTE TRADITIONAL ORDER (initiatory and philosophical movement that lies within AMORC) invited me to join their temple since I had the ambition to study the teaching of SAINT LOUIS CLAUDE MARTIN I wrote my application for membership then I was admitted to the order. Today I am in the lodge of the unknown philosopher.

Have you ever heard of the water goddess, beautiful, fascinating, meticulously selecting women and men for whom it provides luxury and riches of this world in exchange for their love? It is a jealousy that can be devastating when it does not respect its laws. It is called Mami Watta.

Is it a myth or a reality?

Mami Watta comes from "Mamui Ata" which means: "I clench my legs" in mina language spoken in southern Togo and parts of southern Benin, to keep for a while that the Goddess seeded . With successive phonetic deformations, the name "Mamui Ata" became "Mami Wata" is believed to be an adaptation of English. Mami Watta is also called Yemendja.

Mami Watta Ewe is primarily a deity whose worship is very present on the Atlantic coast of Togo but also in Nigeria, Cameroon, the Congo - Brazzaville where it symbolizes the supreme power. Mami Watta is often depicted in paintings in which it appears in the guise of a siren or a beautiful young woman brandishing snakes.

Educate us with an insider

Mr Patrick N. N., what do you know about Mami Watta?

My name is Patrick NN, I am a producer and a host of esoteric programs on a pan-African radio.

Just means you regularly speak with some science, the occult world. Is it is a science that you gained with university-type work, or it is the practitioner who is speaking?

There are actually two. There is knowledge that I went to look at the University, knowledge found in books and elsewhere that allow us to start experimenting, because the United States, for example parapsychology tries to get closer to science. Sometimes we try to film ghosts or others, while in Africa, it would not do so.

By cons, what I mean is that when I return to Gabon, even in the US, I started the rituals of "mamy wata" with African Americans and Haitians in the United States.

So black Americans "practice" as well?

Yes, these are the same rituals. You know that voodoo started from the Gold Coast, Benin, Ghana, because to go from slavery to the United States, Brazil, the Caribbean and others. They kept the same names as the gods Yémandja or so Tchango.

Names and rituals are the same as in Africa.

Someone said in a temple there that I had the "mamy wata" and that I should act. Without wanting to make the hair of your readers, say back in Gabon I could push things after my ocean, and even today I swim at midnight or two in the morning to make sacrifices. I do not do that to the seaside, I'm off, I dive, I put things at the back and come back. It's my ritual to me, the one that was shown to Nasso, the islands on the other side LA- low in the United States.

To you believe, having been introduced to the "granny wata" in Gabon, allows you to understand most African occult?

Similarly a martial artist, a karateka also includes judo, wrestling, boxing and everything, because they are similar sports, a practitioner of the occult initiated in science will understand others. That's why I do not practice everything, but I understand what others are doing.

End of the interview.

Many people practice ritual with those spirits that live in the water, called mermaids or sirens.

These spirits have a look half-man, half fish. They are like all minds, can change in appearance to fool you or tempt you.

In the kingdom of mermaids, the population is predominantly female.

These spirits attach essentially human, physical attraction of powers, disproportionate wealth, acquiring a great post, etc. If you ask these spirits, something beyond their area of ​​expertise, these mermaids contact other spirits to satisfy you.

Establishment of a link or wedding

There are several kinds of marriages Mami Watta. Each kind of marriage is associated with a particular sacrifice for the acquisition of wealth.

Some choose to always have shaved heads, others to be blind, others have sold one of their feet, one of their fingers or agree not to have children or to sell his age so Each year, they are five years less the time they have left to live. This type of marriage makes immensely rich.

Marriages with Mami Watta are many and varied.

Example ritual among others

Whoever wishes to the Covenant will see a specialist sirens that tells it to buy all the items for the ritual. As soon as you see that famous person, the spirits of water are already aware of your business and even know what you want before declaring it to the expert siren. So in the night, the a pact went to the beach with expert siren.

After various protective coating anointing oil on the body of a pact and placed around his neck, many talismans and mystical incantations recited, and sacrificed chickens and special animals, the expert withdraws and leaves to the Future Rich next to the sea. In general, the expert withdraws 100 meters away. The expert continues, meanwhile, to ask the spirits of the water so they quickly appear without carrying with them the soul of anyone.

Then comes a time when the wind will become more violent and stubborn waves, and like lightning, it will seem to see forth water a giant snake with three heads. This snake will prove threatening. Do not panic because he can not make you. The oil and the many talismans that you own, you protect. Attention because some terrified men went mad or blind on the spot.

You must watch the snake right in the eye. Then a charming young lady will appear instead of the giant snake. You ask him what you want. In general, people need to be very rich and very fast,

In return you will no more children or you have to give part of your body or your life.

Disadvantage Ritual

The disadvantage of this kind of ritual is that you have on the field, pledge or promise a sacrifice to the siren (here young lady).

You also need every 3 or 5 years, repeat this sacrifice in ways that you have been prescribed by the expert mermaid or siren itself.

With this kind of pact, your soul is moving toward spiritual slavery after your physical death. Once you agoniserez, these spirits with which you have compacts, you will look for you to become one of them. Your mind will be forced to fulfill your turn, greeting those who sign the pacts.

if you want to meet the Queen of Waters sure to follow me on Facebook by entering the name HUGO YEMANDJA. if you live outside the country I know how to help you. be very careful and false false magician specialist LODGE ls ads on the web to rip; Be very cautious friends

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